Escobal de Ostatu 2018

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Grapes coming from the plot known as Marbella, or Escobal, planted in 1995 from a selection of our best tempranilo at an altitude of 547 m above the sealevel and slightly South –West faced. The first eco vineyard.

  • Vintage: 2018
  • Vintage Classification: very good
  • Bottled: Autumn 2019
  • Production: 10,195 botellas
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Tasting Notes

Deep cherry colour with violet reflections.

The nose brings back memories of red and black seasoned fruit, light citrus winks, flower petals and balsamic fragrance that rounds it up. Firm perfume of fruitiness. The palate is sweet, with great personality and wrap.

Winegrowers & winemakers

  • Wine-maker Iñigo Sáenz de Samaniego. Vineyard management Iñigo Sáenz de Samaniego and Ernesto Sáenz de Samaniego.
  • 100% tempranillo grape.
  • Vineyard of 25 years old.
  • Planting density: 3,000 vines/ha.
  • Royat pruning double cord.
  • Production: 6,500 kg/ha
  • Manual harvest, small load on 1st October.

Vineyards and terrain

Grapes coming from the plot known as Marbella, or Escobal, planted in 1995, from a selection of our best tempranilo at an altitude of 547m above the sea level and slightly South –West faced. This is our first plot in organic farming since 2010, when we started a viticulture controlled under the ecological certification by ENEEK (Regulatory Council of Ecological Production in Euskadi). The work here, as in the rest of our plots, is totally respectful with the environment, favoring the creation of natural hedges and the promotion of the indigenous fauna.

The soil is a combination of limestone sands and gravel, with a clay layer deeper, formed by a first layer of sand and small stones.


Immediate destemming. This wine is macerated in cold carbonic environment in stainless steel vat.

Alcoholic fermentation, with slight overpumping, at a maximum temperature of 24º, during 14 days.

Malolactic fermentation and conservation in a French oak vat with its corresponding racking until its bottling on September 16, 2019, preceded by a gentle filtration.


Mediterranean climate with strong Atlantic influence. Extreme winter-summer contrast.

  • Precipitation: 734.8 litres
  • Ave. Temp.: min 8ºC, max 18.39ºC, average 12.65ºC
  • Rainy days: 149
  • Frozy mornings: 13
  • Average temperature of the soil: 13.72ºC
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