Our wines

The true reflection of tradition and the land

Great wines come from places where the grape can find the perfect conditions to reach its full expression.


A unique climate, a centuries-old tradition in the fine art of artisan winemaking, love for the land, and the utmost respect for nature, so you can enjoy an authentic and singular wine.

Sensible Wines

Our wines have good judgement and are prudent and mature. Three young wines. (Red, White, and Rosé), a Crianza, a Reserva, and a new Gran Reserva in red and white. All made according to the tradition defined by the identity, location, and character of our vineyard in Samaniego.

Botella Vino Tino OStatu

Singular Wines

Remarkable, different, extraordinary. Wines with personality that showcase the individuality of our incredibly special land, where the traits of each vintage come to life.

Botella Vino Blanco Ostatu

Ostatu Wine Shop

They are the product of our vineyards, our land, our way of understanding wine.

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