Rioja Alavesa

Wine, traditions, and incredible views in one of the world’s most acclaimed culinary destinations

Under the shelter of the Sierra de Cantabria and the Sierra de Toloño mountains sits the small town of Samaniego. The Sáenz de Samaniego family has been making wine here since the 16th century. Its history is closely linked to the history of Rioja Alavesa, a totally unique enclave ideal for the fine art of winemaking.


A privileged environment

The protection of the mountains, the altitude, the terroir, and the convergence of two climates as different as the Atlantic and the Mediterranean make Rioja Alavesa a special place for making excellent wines. This land with vineyards terraced at different heights has witnessed generation after generation of a forward-looking family that refuses to turn its back on tradition hone its trade for centuries.

The heart of enotourism

Surprising landscapes that change with the season, places full of history like ancient stone winepresses and eight dolmens that are over 1,000 years old, small traditional wineries with unparalleled love for winegrowing and perfection, large avant-garde buildings, spectacular walled medieval villages. All of this is accompanied by the open and hospitable nature of the locals, who pair perfectly with the landscape.

Culinary destination

Rioja Alavesa is the wine cellar of the Basque Country, a place where life is lived around the table, where cuisine, passion for ingredients, and excellence are truly venerated. Avant-garde fuses with tradition, be it at a traditional grill, a tavern, a haute cuisine restaurant, or the spellbinding pintxo bars in our towns and cities. Since we’re the culinary capital of the world, how could we not make great wine?