Our vineyards

Our vineyards are where the magic of our wine is born

Since the Sáenz de Samaniego family began working in vineyards in the 16th century, we’ve been very certain that the most important element are our vineyards.


36 hectares of vineyard, divided into 50 microplots located primarily in Samaniego at different altitudes and with different directions, under the shelter of the Cantabria-Toloño mountains.

Calcareous clay soils and the convergence of two climates as different as the Atlantic and the Mediterranean make this the perfect place to grow high-quality vines.

The climate

A unique microclimate, resulting from the convergence of the climate of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Its primarily southward-facing vineyards get an ideal amount of precipitation every year and are protected from the cold northern winds by the mountains.

The terroir

Our vineyard’s land is part of a winegrowing tradition that has always been environmentally friendly, something we have strengthened over time, culminating in our registration with ENEEK as an ecological vineyard. A comprehensive vision that involves caring for the earth, the environment, our heritage, and nature with the utmost respect. Calcareous clay soils infuse our wines with soul. Poor soils, lacking a great deal of organic material, that are loose with old vines whose roots fight to get the best nutrients. That’s the only way to make great wine.

Grape harvest

Between the end of September and the month of October, the grapes reach peak ripeness. This is when the grapes are harvested by hand, selecting the best bunches on the field itself to ensure our wines are of the highest quality.