Great wines crafted from family, the land, and tradition

The Sáenz de Samaniego family has been dedicated to viticulture for centuries. We inherited it from our ancestors and have kept the tradition alive into the present. Passion, respect, and love for the vineyard and land as unique as that found in Rioja Alavesa guide us to craft wines with personality that come alive.


Our philosophy is based on the utmost respect for the land. A way of understanding wine and life, focused on the pursuit of excellence by finding an equilibrium between past and present, free from passing trends. A way of being passed on by our ancestors and the magic of a unique enclave reflected in our way of working, our winery, and our wines. Wines that are a true reflection of our vineyards, the influence of Rioja Alavesa's microclimate, and the soil. A unique terroir worthy of the utmost respect.


Our wines


They are the product of our vineyards, our land, our way of understanding wine.

Sensible Wines

Vino Tinto OStatu Bottle

Singular Wines

Vino Blanco Ostatu Bottle